Games writing

Die Gute Fabrik (2021-ongoing)

I’m currently working as a Story Tech for the Danish Indie studio Die Gute Fabrik on an unannounced title. My role involves creating story documentation and working in the narrative scripting language Inky.

I wrote a blog post about archaeology and environmental storytelling for the studio site which you can read here.

Pendragon (2020)

My campfire story ‘Playing The Maiden Fair’ was chosen to be included in Inkle’s narrative strategy game, Pendragon.

Read my blog post about it.

Personal Projects

What If Nobody Pets The Dog (2022)

An interactive essay made in Inky for the UNDO! Jam. Play it in browser on

Agony Aunt Simulator 5.0 (2022)

A comedic game made with Sahar Mirhadi for the IGGI Game Jam. Download it on

How To Bury A Dragon (2021)

An experimental game made for the Twine Survival Guide Jam. Play in browser on

Under the Tea(pot) (2021)

A short comedic game submitted to the Seafolk Bitsy Jam, play it in browser on

Welcome to the Afterlife! (2021)

A bitsy game created as part of a Goldsmiths Introduction to Games Design Short Course, play it in browser on

Vulpining (2020)

A Twine game about being a fox exploring the City of London at night, playable on

Read my blog post about it.

Inbox Zero (2020)

An epistolary Twine game told through a series of emails, playable on

Creative Writing

Cave Canem (2022)

Image: Sailko 

A short science fiction story written for Red Futures Magazine.

Five Versions of the Apocalypse (2020)

Read the piece here.

Love Behind Glass (2019)

Read the piece here.