Another Tall Tale? Countdown to Resident Evil Village (Turtle Beach, March 2021)

I was offered this piece on Resident Evil Village, and successfully met the brief of emphasising why the PlayStation 5 3D audio adds to the play experience. The content of this piece was also used by Turtle Beach in a YouTube video.

Shelling Out: A History of TMNT Games (Turtle Beach, March 2021)

I was commissioned to write a 750-word piece with a short turnaround in response to the announcement of the Shredder’s Revenge TMNT video game.

Shelling Out: The History Of TMNT Videogames

Not the end of the rainbow: exploring modern queer game development (Wireframe, October 2020)

I interviewed three queer game developers for this feature that appeared online and in the Wireframe magazine.

How The Animal Crossing Diaries are chronicling the pandemic (Eurogamer, October 2020)

A feature including an interview with a curator from the National Videogame Museum, and a Level Designer on Fall Guys.


Who gets to write video game history? (Eurogamer, March 2020)

A feature including an interview with Frank Cifaldi, founder of the Videogame History Foundation and video game historian video game historian Carly A. Kocurek.

Eurogamer listed this piece as one of their best of 2020.

Critical Distance included this piece in their list of 2020 in Videogame Blogging.

It is referenced in the Wikipedia page for video game preservation.


The Joystick is Mightier Than the Sword (EGM, March 2021)

A feature including an interview with British Game Institute trustee Catriona Wilson.

We got an archaeologist to review The Bradwell Conspiracy (The Indie Game Website, September 2019)

Review drawing from my experience as an archaeologist.

The Bradwell Conspiracy

Exploring the afterlife of historical sites in video games (Eurogamer, July 2019)

Feature including interviews with game developers about the preservation of heritage in video games.


The Pokémon Center as a Non-Place (Haywire Magazine, May 2019)

Piece exploring universal healthcare and alienation in Pokémon.

The Pokémon Center as a Non-Place