Archaeogaming Is a Political Matter

This is the companion blog post to my presentation 'Archaeogaming Is a Political Matter,' part of the second Public Archaeology Twitter Conference.  My warmest thanks go to Lorna Richardson and James Dixon for organising the conference.  I had a fantastic time taking part. My thanks also to everyone who asked questions and joined in with… Continue reading Archaeogaming Is a Political Matter

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The Archaeologist: a ‘citizen of nowhere’

Theresa May, British Prime Minister, AKA Margaret Thatcher 2.0, recently gave a ‘lesson’ on the definition of citizenship at the Tory Party Conference. According to May:   “[I]f you believe you’re a citizen of the world you’re a citizen of nowhere. You don’t understand what the very word ‘citizenship’ means.”   For many of us,… Continue reading The Archaeologist: a ‘citizen of nowhere’